August 14, 2009

Drake is 2!!

Drake turned two last weekend... everyone says it, but I really can't believe he is two already. And it's so funny because the day after his bday I swear he seemed older. He is trying to talk more and more and we are loving it. His little voice is so cute and sweet. His most used words right now are "pass" for his paci, "go", "pees" for please, and "maa-ee" for cousin Madison (I think he says Madi for both Madi and Ella though...) Despite some terrible two moments, Drake really is such a sweet little boy, and we are so proud of him!!!

Here are some pics from the partay:)

The birthday boy

That face gets him out of lots of trouble, believe me!!

why make it yourself when costco cake exists? Sooo good

Make a WISH

Logan trying to steal Drake's new car! Actually the car is for both of the boys... but Drake doesn't know it yet :)
Drake got so many cute presents, and of course I didn't get pictures of all of them! He got some really cute clothes, a Mickey book, a fireman dress-up, some big trucks and cars, a Jazz player potato head, a Mickey movie, I know I am forgetting things... but thanks to everyone for such sweet presents, he is loving everything!
I did get a pic of his new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse... Hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog!