February 7, 2011

Ready for Warm Weather

This year I need to try to update my blog more often and more than that I need to remember to take more pictures! This is a winter catch up post. We had a really nice first Christmas in this house. Last Christmas we went a little overboard on gifts for the boys so this year we said we were going to keep it more simple. And it was so nice and low stress. And I was so excited for them to see what Santa brought.

I need to post the video of them coming out to see, it is so cute. They were so excited when they saw this train table.

This is some random cuteness of the boys watching a show together

They say every child is different, I'm going to agree!


So neat and so messy!


Snow pics

In the middle of January we took a much need vaca down to St. George. It was heaven. Sunny, warm, NO SNOW! The boys had so much fun swimming at the hotel, riding their bikes and playing in the sand. We got to spend some time with our friends Bradi and Bobby and their 3 cute kids. It was sad to come home to COLD. We took more video in George than we did of pics of course! But the first night at the hotel I was reading and saw Logan sit up, look around and crawl over to snuggle with Drakes, it was so sweet!

so presh