January 31, 2008

Drake Wins His First Fight

Well Grant taught Drake how to box. And he thinks it is so funny! He especially likes to box with all of his uncles, and there are plenty of uncles to go around. This video was taken a few months ago but I just had to post it because I could listen to his little giggle all day!

Drake's Half Birthday

Last week Drake turned six months old. Everytime I look at him I cannot believe how old he is and how big he has gotten. We just marked the day with a cake and let the babe get his hands in it. And he didn't mind getting his hands dirty. Grant rolled his eyes when he heard we were having a "half birthday" but it was really fun!

January 30, 2008

Snow Day

I think having a baby around has brought out the child in Grant (even more). For the last four days Grant has been building a huge snow fort in our front yard! He wants a place that he can play with Drake. There's even been talk of him sleeping out in it.