June 5, 2011

Hogle Zoo

My sister, Whitney, was here in May and we had a fun visit. It was so fun to see my nephew, Tomm, in person. He is sooo cute! One of the days she was here we took the kids to the zoo. (And we are so glad we went on the day we did because it was cold/rainy the rest of her time here...) Here are some of the pics from the day.

Lil monkey


Baby Suri, she was very cute

Logan checkin' out some ducks

Baby T, love that lil face!

I'm sure I remember this fountain from when I was little....

Takin pics of the elephants

While we were up there we walked over to the "This is the Place" Park. I had never been there before and thought is was sooo pretty. Loved looking at the monuments, very cool.

So sweet. Drake kept picking dandelions and bringing them to me. Such a sweetheart

A very fun day!!!