February 5, 2013

Finding a Way Out of the Winter Blues

I've been reading my old journals and realized that every January I get the winter blues.  I don't feel motivated to work on any projects.  My house work routine is only doing the bare minimum.  And if I'm going to be honest, I'm rockin' sweats everyday.  This January has been the same, but worse.  I have been such a lil deb (aka "debbie-downer.")  The cold weather, the inversion, ugh!  So, to remedy this problem I'm trying to find some happiness and pull myself from this winter rut.

Something I love that does bring me joy is crafting.  I made this mdf frame more than a month ago.  I still have not painted it.  So it is first on my list.  I'll have to post a pic when I finish it.

This idea is not a fun one, but is effective.  Cleaning...  Although not as appealing as crafting, it is a good distraction.  It does feel so nice to dive in and deep-clean something.  I'm in the middle of a toy overhaul.  Sorting and cleaning most of the toys we own.  Boxing up all the baby toys for storage.  This project has been put off for close to a month.  So it will be so nice to have it finished.

 Most importantly are these two guys.  They definitely bring me joy.  I think I need to simplify my approach of parenting.  I spend so much time looking for cool activities to do with my boys that I miss out on the time I could be spending with them.  It is hitting me harder now because Drake will be off to Kindergarten this year and Logan in preschool.

These things have helped to brighten my spirits.  I feel like the worst is over and I'm getting excited thinking about warmer weather and springtime:)