April 22, 2008

Rookie Mistake... I Should Have Known

So this morning Drake was taking a nap and I get amitious and started cleaning. I put Drake's jumper in the basement cuz he is over it. Then I had room to put our book shelf back in the living room. I dusted it and organized all my books and movies. THEN I even went on to alphabetize my movies (sometimes I have a little OCD... I get it from my dad for sure) I cleaned the whole upstairs and I was so proud. Then Drake wakes up and what's the first thing he does?
He pulled every single book down and tore all the movies onto the floor. I can't believe I didn't think it through before I spent all that time!!
Oh and yesterday I felt the first kicks from the baby. It was pretty exciting. I can't wait to feel more. It was so sweet!

April 15, 2008

Growing Up

I swear Drake is getting bigger by the minute. In just the last month or so he has learned so many new things. He is mobile and more independent...but also gets into EVERYTHING. I'm constantly chasing him around. He can pull himself up to stand and his new favorite spot is at the front room window looking at everything. Sometimes I cannot believe that he was once in my tummy and so little. We love him so much! Here are some pics of my big boy!

April 7, 2008

99 Balloons


A friend of mine sent this link to me in an email. And it touched me so much. It is about Matt and Ginny Mooney. There son was born with a disease and he lived for 99 days. I know it sounds crazy to be so emotional about a family I don't even know but I found their blog (mattandginny.blogspot.com) and was looking at it from before their son, Eliot, was even born. And I cried and cried. Especially reading the posts from October of 2006, the month that Eliot passed away. I can't imagine how it would be to lose a child. I am so grateful and happy that I have a healthy little guy that I can see everyday. And I pray that the baby on the way will also be healthy. I hope their story touches you like it did me!

April 6, 2008

A lame excuse for a post :(

I have a crying baby at my feet and Grant keeps tellin' me to get ready so we can go do something and get out of the house... So I don't have time to make a whole post w/ pics and everything. But I feel so lazy for not posting in about 3 weeks. So I just thought I would say that all is well with us. Drake is "crawling" in his own way. He has this little army crawl going on. He is all about trying new foods and he is a little chubster. He is in the funnest stage right now though. He has been a bit of a mama's boy lately. He follows me around and tugs on my pant legs. It's really sweet. My belly is getting bigger every minute, I swear. The second time around I'm showing so quick! (If I get brave maybe I will post a pic of the bump) Oh and another reason that I haven't made a post is because I'm reading the Twilight books and I'm completely addicted. I just finished New Moon and can't wait to read the third book!! Edward is so dreamy!! And I swear I will do a better post soon!