November 10, 2010

Fall Time is the BEST Time

It has been a very fun fall! It is my FAVORITE time of year hands down. First Grant and I had our 6th Anniversary on Sept 24. And Logan's birthday was on Sept 25. So we celebrated backwards this year (while we can still get away with it) We had Logan's party on Friday the 24 and celebrated our Anniversary on the 25th. Logan's party was so fun. It was a combo of all his favorite things of the moment. Toy Story, Bug's Life and sports! We made him a baseball pinata and it was SO fun to see the kids hitting it, we will for sure be doing that again!
And the next day we celebrated our anniversary. It was very relaxed and just so fun. The boys slept over at grandma and grandpas house. So I spent the day up until that cleaning and stuff so we could enjoy a clean house for a whole night! Then we went to dinner. It was pretty simple but so fun .
After September we started to get excited for Halloween of course! I asked Drake what he wanted to be and he said Superman. And I just thought Logan could be Buzz from Drake's costume last year. But Logan heard what Drake was being and said "I be Soosooman too!" So we had 2 lil Supermans. Very boy and very fun! I was excited to take the boys out trick-or-treating this year because they are old enough to get into it. And they loved it. Drake kept saying "Next house, next house." And Logan was a bit slow going door-to-door. He had his bucket and this little stuffed puppy. And if I offered to carry anything he would say "NO!" So we didn't make it to many houses. Plus the rain! Bleh! But it was still very fun, I loved it.
Then the last stop before Thanksgiving and Christmas is my bday! It's very nice because it gives me something to look forward to after Halloween. I'm getting older and older but I still get bummed when Halloween is over... My birthday was nice. Grandpa came for the boys and took them for the whole afternoon. So i polished my nails, did a lil cleaning, watched some Grey's with a diet coke! It was awesome! That evening I got to see family and friends and got some great gifts! I loved it. Now let the countdown to Christmas begin!

My big 2 year old boy!

Couldn't find a Bug's Life cake but this caterpillar cake worked just fine!

The boys with their favorite friends! Cuties Madi and Ella

This is very random but so funny! Logan made himself a lil costume. He would wear this around for a couple days! LOL

haha, this is what Grant and the boys do!

Drake and Logan LOVE when the girls come over!!

These pics are from Halloween day! Pics of the boys in their costumes to come...

Granty and the bday girl!

August 10, 2010

For the Birthday Boy!

Drake turned 3 on Monday. I say it every year but I can't believe how much he has grown! He is still all boy... so into cars and trucks and bugs. He is so independent and thoughtful. Such a sweetheart and always saying the funniest things. We LOVE him so much!

August 6, 2010

Latest Fam Pics

These are our most recent family pics. The day these were taken was crazy! The boys were NOT having it, but we managed to get through. But the room was so SMALL and HOT. Next time we do pics I think outside will be best!

June 11, 2010

All About the BOYS

Well I'm finding out when you ignore your blog for months and months catching up is so hard! I hope this post isn't picture overload! Drake and Logan have turned into little men, I can't believe how much they have grown. And their personalities are so different. Drake is all about CARS of course. Logan is very interested in SPORTS. It's so fun to watch them grow and find out their likes and dislikes. One of their common interests is BUGS! (yay me, boys bringing me bugs, eek!) But it's fun to watch them. First they find their victim, Logan is the squisher and Drake stands by to watch and cheer him on. Although sometimes Drake tries to spare a potatoe bug or two but Logan shows no mercy! They are both ALL BOY. So here's some catch up with pics and the befores and afters of the boys' rooms:)

Here they are at Grant's softball game

Mr Granty
The Team (and I thought my legs were pasty white, haha Ty) lol

The boys keep crackin' me up w/ this hat from a Woody Halloween costume...

Watching Toy Story

Now that it's summer, baths are neccessary EVERY night!

Ah and the bug sqashin', looks like he found one... run little bug!

Here's Drakey's room before
And after.. We kept some of the dark blue. I love the color just didn't love the denim look...
Another before pic


and after

This is Logan's room before

And after. But now I feel like I need to do a sports theme.... hmm....

June 3, 2010

Book Shelf Makeover

Before! (poor lil book shelf has been with me since before I was married)
And after:)

May 25, 2010

What we've been up to...

Neglect is the only word to describe my blog lately! Everyone has probably abandoned my blog by this point, but for any readers here is an update on our house:) We moved in February sometime and got right down to business cleaning and painting and we've made some good progress but it still seems like there's much to do. But by far the hugest project for us was the kitchen. We changed almost everything about it! But we are so happy with the result. So here are pics of the kitchen and more pics of the rest of the house to come! There really are I promise!





PS: I was hanging the stuff that's on the wall above the fridge and I was STRUGGLING. It took SO much longer than it would've taken Grant. But anyway each time I put up something I would get down and say "ok let's see what it looks like" And then I was getting so frustrated I think I started crying (embarassing I know) And I got down to look and Drakey said "ets see lukes like" I said "Do you think it's cute or ugly?" Drake says" es coot mom, s'okay" and patted my back. Gotta love moral support!

March 1, 2010

Our New Beginning!

I've been so horrible as far as blogging goes! And I'm sure everyone knows from FB that we FINALLY got a house! This feels like a dream come true for me. I just love the house so much. And we have been spending a lot of time over there working, cleaning and painting and the more time I spend there the more I love it. I'm so excited to move in! I will post some pics of the house soon:)

January 6, 2010


Ok, we have such a big decision to make and don't know what to do!! After 6 months of house-hunting, we are down to two houses. It sounds like they will both be approved within the next week. We love them both and can't make up our mind. One is in Herriman and is in a great neighborhood. I really do love the house but it needs some work on the inside and out. But the yard is nice and the house has lots of potential. The other house is in West Jordan and is gorgeous. It's only a few years old and is practically move-in ready. But the yard is small and we aren't sure about the schools in that area... Oy, this is so hard and so stressful. We need to make a pro/con sheet for each house I guess... I wish the answer were more obvious!!