June 30, 2008

One More...

I know scrapbook pages is all I've posted lately, but I have been having so much fun! I know I need to take a break because my house is getting messy and the laundry is piling up. So I'm grounding myself from the computer until I catch up on everything!

June 29, 2008

Just Another Page:)

I've just been working on another page. I know you are probably getting tired of seeing these same old vacation pics, I kinda am! ... But they are giving me the most inspiration right now :)
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June 25, 2008

My First Ever Scrapbook Page

I have been wanting to begin scrapbooking for such a long time! But I always felt so overwhelmed with all the different kinds of supplies there are. I never knew where to start... A friend of mine was showing me the scrapbooks she made digitally and I knew I wanted to learn asap! I am a total beginner and feel very uncreative, but really had fun making this first page. I want to get better and better. My favorite part was no mess, no cutting, no papers everywhere. And now I can just print this out on a 12X12 paper and put it in a book. I think I found a new obsession :) ( I know it is 2 am, but I was determined to make atleast one page!! I will be paying for it tomorrow)

June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day Honey

Grant is such a sweet dad. When I had complications after Drake was born, Grant was amazing. He took such good care of Drake. I swear I didn't change one diaper until Drake was a week old or something, Grant did it all. And Drake loves his dad. He gets so excited when he hears Grant get home and he goes over to the stairs to look for him. And he loves playing chase with Grant, he gets so excited and silly whenever Grant starts chasing him. I can't wait until Drake is old enough to tell Grant how much he loves him, but it's pretty obvious that he does!!
Love you bug!

Boys playin' in the sand

Best Buds

Drake helpin' Grant fix his bat.


Peek-a-boo my sexies! Shower time!

I love you Grant (all 3 of us do)

June 3, 2008

Boys and their TOYS

Both Grant and Drake have gotten some new toys... (actually they've had them for a few months but I haven't taken any pics) Grant got a scooter along with some of his friends and brothers. They go riding around together on the weekends. It's pretty easy to control so I ride it around our neighborhood, but haven't been brave enough to take it on busy roads. And it's been great at 80 miles per gallon!

And then Drakey got a Lightening McQueen push toy. It plays music and talks and he loves walkin it around the house. But sometimes he scares me cuz he will push it from the side instead of the back and fall over with it... I love watching him with it though!