May 29, 2008

Florida Trip

We just got back in town last night. We were planning that trip for so long I can't believe it is over... I hope we can go back again soon! I can't believe how much fun I had. The plane ride was so fun, I can finally say that I've been on an airplane now. Drake was pretty well-behaved. He would fall asleep every time we would take off, and that was awesome. But because of my growing belly I'm running out of lap space so when we would try to move him or if I tried to pass him to Grant he would wake up... But all together it wasn't a bad experience at all.
I thought I would be dying from the Florida heat, but I actually loved it. It felt so good to be in the hot sun after a looong winter. We spent a lot of our time at the beach. We were tempted to go to Universal Studios or SeaWorld or something...but decided Drake isn't old enough to enjoy theme parks yet. We also went shopping. The mall we went to puts Fashion Place to shame. There were so many stores! Drake got his face painted at the mall, too. Cute little kitty! And we went out to dinner a couple times. And Whit took us to a place called Five Guys for lunch, it was sooo good. I had a pretty awesome cheeseburger. It was an amazing vacation. I wish it could have been a little longer. But I know it would always be hard to say goodbye to Whitney, no matter how long we stayed. I never thought we would live so far away from eachother!
Here is a slideshow from our trip... too many pics to post :)

May 22, 2008

Sunny Florida

Ok, I'm in complete heaven! I'm not sure if I want to come home... We are in West Palm Beach visiting my sister and her hubby. It feels so good to get away from home for a while. The flight out here was my very first time on an airplane and it was sooo fun. I love take off! I was so stressed about Drake flying, I thought he would try and get down the whole time and cry but he slept for most the trip...soo lucky!
So far we have gone to the beach. Drake didn't like the water but he loved the sand and the seashells. He kept biting them. And today Whitney suprised Grant and I with massages and facials at the Four Seasons Hotel in Palm Beach. It was amazing! I had a maternity massage and I highly recommend it to every expecting mama. Whitney, you are an amazing sister, I am so happy to be here with you!
Here are some pics of our trip so far...

Drake UNpacking our suitcases while I was trying to pack..


Lathering up Drakey with sunscreen

Drake eats seashells by the seashore!


May 15, 2008


How to play this game of tag. Post these rules on your blog. List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Three JOYS

Grant Grant Grant... I love him so much, and I love when we get to spend time alone together. And I love when Grant, Drake and I play on the floor together.

I never knew how much joy a little baby could bring into my life. I love when he smiles and laughs. And I love watching him grow and knowing that I am a part of his life that is just starting

Family and Friends
I love spending time with my fam and friends, especially when I get to get out of the house... I love that! I love all my sisters so much. I love when the girls come over to watch Dancing with the Stars :)


Losing someone in my family, especially Grant and Drakey.

Not being able to lose all of this baby weight

Birds and Bees If you ever want to see something funny... just see what I do if a bird gets too close to me or if I think they are swooping down at me... Or if a bee crosses my path


Being a good mom and wife (and a hot one, too)

Cooking more

Writing in my journal more and keeping Drake's baby book up to date

Three Current Obsessions/Collections

Reality TV Dancing w/ the Stars, The Hills and American Idol... good think they are all about to end! I feel like a huge couch potatoe

SLURPEES I think the 7-11 by my house knows me well. I love slurpees, they AlWAYS sound good and keep me cool! Grant is a sweetie and goes to get them for me sometimes:)

Eyebrows I am totally obsessed w/ eyebrows. It is one of the first things I notice on people. And I am either appreciating great shapes and arches or dying to get my hands on untamed ones.

Three Random facts about me

I usually sleep in the fetal position and rock myself to sleep Sounds weird... but I do, I rock myself back and forth like a crazy person... but it calms me down. I always wonder if I bother Grant when I do it, but he's never said anything

Our trip to FLORIDA in 4 days will be the farthest I've ever been from home So EXCITED

I love Disney stuff I've been better lately at not buying stuff, but there was a time when I would buy so much Disney stuff and people would buy it for me. Clothes, clocks, snow globes, stuffed animals. Then I felt like I needed to start growing up. But I love Disney movies and books and still buy those :)

I'm going to tag Alex and Jen :)

It's a BOY

Yesterday I had my 20 week ultra sound. And we found out that we are having another little guy. I'm really excited. I think Drake will love having a little friend to play with. And I don't need to buy anything... that is a plus. I think it will be fun to have a little girl one day, but for now I can't keep the boys away!

The other fun thing is that I finally have a due date... When I found out I was expecting again I was still nursing, so my Dr. was just guessing the first week of October. But my due date is September 27th

Me and Grant on our way to the Dr :)

May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday was my first official Mother's Day. It was a really fun and busy day. First we had my family over for a lunch-time bbq. I was so caught up in everything that I didn't take any pictures with my camera. But my mom took a bunch so I will have to get them from her and post them later... Then we went up to Grant's parent's house for dinner. It was really fun. Drake took his first ride on the zip line that Grandpa G made. He LOVED it! And again we took pics with not our camera so I will have to get the pics and post them later... darn it!

But I hope everyone I know had a Happy Mother's Day. I love Grant's mom and she definitely deserved a good day, puttin' up with all the guys in her life! I love my mom so much and am so grateful for her. Especially now with Drake...I'm always calling with questions. And it feels so good to be understood by her. Her first two babies were close together also and so she has been so supportive and concerned for me with this pregnancy.

This is a picture of my mama when she was preggers (not sure if she is expecting Whitney or me) And this was my belly with Drake. I need to have Grant take some belly pics of the new babe.