June 11, 2010

All About the BOYS

Well I'm finding out when you ignore your blog for months and months catching up is so hard! I hope this post isn't picture overload! Drake and Logan have turned into little men, I can't believe how much they have grown. And their personalities are so different. Drake is all about CARS of course. Logan is very interested in SPORTS. It's so fun to watch them grow and find out their likes and dislikes. One of their common interests is BUGS! (yay me, boys bringing me bugs, eek!) But it's fun to watch them. First they find their victim, Logan is the squisher and Drake stands by to watch and cheer him on. Although sometimes Drake tries to spare a potatoe bug or two but Logan shows no mercy! They are both ALL BOY. So here's some catch up with pics and the befores and afters of the boys' rooms:)

Here they are at Grant's softball game

Mr Granty
The Team (and I thought my legs were pasty white, haha Ty) lol

The boys keep crackin' me up w/ this hat from a Woody Halloween costume...

Watching Toy Story

Now that it's summer, baths are neccessary EVERY night!

Ah and the bug sqashin', looks like he found one... run little bug!

Here's Drakey's room before
And after.. We kept some of the dark blue. I love the color just didn't love the denim look...
Another before pic


and after

This is Logan's room before

And after. But now I feel like I need to do a sports theme.... hmm....

June 3, 2010

Book Shelf Makeover

Before! (poor lil book shelf has been with me since before I was married)
And after:)