January 31, 2008

Drake's Half Birthday

Last week Drake turned six months old. Everytime I look at him I cannot believe how old he is and how big he has gotten. We just marked the day with a cake and let the babe get his hands in it. And he didn't mind getting his hands dirty. Grant rolled his eyes when he heard we were having a "half birthday" but it was really fun!


The Christensen's said...

Natalie, it's Lynae, I am sad that your baby is already 6 months old and I haven't even met him yet. He is adorable, and his parents are pretty cute too. Way cute blog. Hope you guys are enjoying parenthood. take care.

Giron Fam said...

Such a good idea! Love the 1/2 cake. And look at him such a cutey! Still think he looks just like your dad. So funny!