July 14, 2008

Playin' Outside

Yesterday we went up to Grant's parent's house in Herriman to hang out. I'm starting to figure out that Drake loves being outside. If he sees anyone go outside without him he just starts crying. And it is so sad cuz we don't really have a yard for him to play in yet (hopefully next summer we will) Until then grandma and grandpa have lots of fun stuff for the grandbabies to do
First he went on a scooter ride with Grant

ha ha you nerd! White socks w/ sandles huh? The truth is he was on his way to the car to get his shoes, but like a good paparazzi I got a quick pic

zip line, Drake loved it

Swinging double dutch with cousin Ella

And this was the biggest surprise of the day... Drake played in the sand and sat in the same spot for about 45 minutes. He didn't even try to run anywhere! And ever since he started walking at 10 months he is nonstop!! So I was shocked that he played in the sand that long!!! We need a sandbox asap!


jg said...

Where is the pictures Kinder and I, we are important too. Also it looks like Ella not Madi swinging!! hahaha ;)

Giron Fam said...

Nice shot of Grant sporting the socks with sandals! What a nerd! Ha!
Drake was having so much fun last night. He is just like my girls, he loves the outdoors! He can come over and play in our sandbox anytime!
Love your new background. It's so cute!

Jen and Johnny said...

Your blog looks so cute!! My girls love going to Nana & Papa's house too and playing in the dirt!! There are so many fun things to do over at their houses!!! And by the way..... funny side note~ when I met Johnny at BYU Hawaii he actually wore socks with his sandals!!! MAJOR NERD!!!! I still tease him about it till now!!! Love it!!

The Butterfield's said...

Drake is so cute. I can't believe he sat for that long! That is so nice for you to finally get a little break. Hope you are feeling well. You need to come swimming again with Drake because it is so hot!

Tomm and Whit said...

Hey I never saw these pics. They are so cute!