March 30, 2009

Logan's 1/2 Birthday

We had a 1/2 Bday for Drakey when he was 6 months so we had to do it again for Logan! Nothing too crazy, just some cake:) Time has flown by (it honestly seems like Drake was just a newborn) I can't believe Logan is 1/2 a year. We love him:) Smooches LogiBear!
Little Cute face!

Cake and present



William and Lacey said...

I think that's such a cute idea! : ) He's a cutie!!

The Christensen's said...

Way cute the half cake...ha! and It really has gone by fast...I feel bad I have not even seen him in person...I guess that is why we have blogs...hope to see you guys soon!

Jesse and Kimmie said...

LOVE the half cake :) I can't believe he is that old either!

Tomm and Whit said...

Oh he looks so big already! So cute! I love the half cake idea; it is so cute!

Alex said...

Happy Half-Birthday Logan! I can't believe he is already half a year! It goes by way too fast.