November 10, 2010

Fall Time is the BEST Time

It has been a very fun fall! It is my FAVORITE time of year hands down. First Grant and I had our 6th Anniversary on Sept 24. And Logan's birthday was on Sept 25. So we celebrated backwards this year (while we can still get away with it) We had Logan's party on Friday the 24 and celebrated our Anniversary on the 25th. Logan's party was so fun. It was a combo of all his favorite things of the moment. Toy Story, Bug's Life and sports! We made him a baseball pinata and it was SO fun to see the kids hitting it, we will for sure be doing that again!
And the next day we celebrated our anniversary. It was very relaxed and just so fun. The boys slept over at grandma and grandpas house. So I spent the day up until that cleaning and stuff so we could enjoy a clean house for a whole night! Then we went to dinner. It was pretty simple but so fun .
After September we started to get excited for Halloween of course! I asked Drake what he wanted to be and he said Superman. And I just thought Logan could be Buzz from Drake's costume last year. But Logan heard what Drake was being and said "I be Soosooman too!" So we had 2 lil Supermans. Very boy and very fun! I was excited to take the boys out trick-or-treating this year because they are old enough to get into it. And they loved it. Drake kept saying "Next house, next house." And Logan was a bit slow going door-to-door. He had his bucket and this little stuffed puppy. And if I offered to carry anything he would say "NO!" So we didn't make it to many houses. Plus the rain! Bleh! But it was still very fun, I loved it.
Then the last stop before Thanksgiving and Christmas is my bday! It's very nice because it gives me something to look forward to after Halloween. I'm getting older and older but I still get bummed when Halloween is over... My birthday was nice. Grandpa came for the boys and took them for the whole afternoon. So i polished my nails, did a lil cleaning, watched some Grey's with a diet coke! It was awesome! That evening I got to see family and friends and got some great gifts! I loved it. Now let the countdown to Christmas begin!

My big 2 year old boy!

Couldn't find a Bug's Life cake but this caterpillar cake worked just fine!

The boys with their favorite friends! Cuties Madi and Ella

This is very random but so funny! Logan made himself a lil costume. He would wear this around for a couple days! LOL

haha, this is what Grant and the boys do!

Drake and Logan LOVE when the girls come over!!

These pics are from Halloween day! Pics of the boys in their costumes to come...

Granty and the bday girl!


Butterfield's said...

You're boys are so cute!!
PS - You're hair is way cute dark!

Giron Family said...

And my girls LOVE coming to your house too! It must be the ice cream cones ;) no they love the boys! Is Drakes shirt in Lo's bday pics from Targ?? If so, Easton has the same one! We will have to make them twinners one day!

Nat and Grant said...

Yep Kins it is from Targ! Do I need to get Logan one? haha

Tomm and Whit said...

Hey you sweet sexy thang! The boys are SO handsome! I can't believe how much Logan has grown. It looks like there is never a dull moment around your house. I miss being there and seeing all those little moments.
Love your hair!!!! XOXOXO We love you!
PS Me and little man are typing this... it's supposed to be bedtime but he's not feelin it. HAHA