February 3, 2008

Snuggle Bug

My grandma gave Drake this snuggly blue blanket and he loves it. I lay him down in his crib and sometimes he will be fussy. Then I hand him his blanket and he pulls it over his little face and falls right to sleep. It is so precious. My grandma lives out of town and I always miss her, so I love putting him to sleep with a little piece of her.


Giron Fam said...

Cute blankey! So snuggly. Love homemade blankets. How cute is that lil man!!! Can't wait to snuggle him tonight during the game.

The Christensen's said...

He is so sweet. Claire has a favorite blanket too. Oh my heck it gets so dirty because since the new baby came she think she needs to drag it everywhere. I am all about comforts for kids but they are hard habits to break! Oh Well!!!