February 27, 2008

Tag, I'm It

Here are the rules:
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#2 Post the rules on your blog.
#3 Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog.
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Mkay here goes... I am thinking to myself that this is going to take me forever!!

#1 I hate Jello. I used to like it when I was little but I can't stand to eat it now. I especially HATE when it gets that thick skin on the top... EWW. And Jello with fruit in it is even worse. From my last tag you probably know that I don't like fruit...

#2 Ok this is gross about me... I secretly like blackheads and ingrown hairs... there I said it. I don't like when I have them, but I LOVE when other people have them. I LOVE getting them out. Sometimes Grant will catch me staring at his face and he'll say "See somethin' you like?"

#3 I have a weird obcession with office supplies. Whenever I'm at the store I always walk down the office supplies aisle and I just want to buy everything. Like fresh post-it notes, new pens, markers, crayons, even glue. It's really weird... I can usually control myself and not buy anything though!

#4 I used to have hammer toes. My toes were curled over so I was almost walking on my toe nails. They were so ugly!! And I never wore open toed shoes until I met Grant. He told me he liked my ankles so I started wearing strappy sandles. And then finally I had surgery in '03 to straighten them. I'm so happy about it!

#5 Grant and I met in 1999 as juniors in high school. So we have been dating or married for almost 9 years. Sometimes it's so weird to think about that... It's gone by so fast and I can't imagine what my life would be like without Grant in it. I can't remember what I used to do before I knew him.

#6 I hate scary movies. Especially when they are the jumpy kind of scary. I hate the suspense of it all. And I hate really bloody movies. I'm so sensitive about stuff like that, ever since I was little. When we were little me and Whitney, my sis, would always cry at the beginning of Willow when the little old lady gets attacked by those dogs :( And when I watch scary movies with Grant I hide under a blanket the whole time or plug my ears!

#7 I love to color and I love water colors. I can't wait until Drake is old enough to color so that I can have an excuse to color with him!

That didn't take as long as I thought but it still took a while trying to think inbetween feeding and playing w/ Drake. I'll tag Miss Hayley Boyd. And my other three blogging friends already got tagged :) That was fun, thanks Kin.


Giron Fam said...

That is great about the office supplies! I never knew that. Nothing like "fresh post-it notes" huh?? So funny Nat!
I have a hard time with Jello too! I always make it but I never eat it.
Next time you are over we need to get the paints out and have a "kid" day. I love coloring and paint too!
It's so fun to learn new things about you! I'm looking forward to Saturday!

The Christensen's said...

Natalie, That was so fun. I can understand about the office supplies, I just like new anything...I like to stock my pantry and have new hair stuff...anything like that is always fun for me for some reason. I am also a fan of getting anything with goo off of me or my kids or my husband. Even though ingrown hairs hurt like the dickens, it is fun to get them out. Gross huh???

PocoLocoCoco said...

Nat, I TOTALLY plug my ears during scary movies too! haha and You know i love blackheads and ingrown hairs...it's the esthetician-ness in us :)

The Christensen's said...

Hey Natalie, I can't believe you are prego...I am in shock literally. I am excited, yet nervous. I have just gone through this similar situation and it is tough but so worth it!!! I can't wait to talk to you in person about it. How are you feeling? I hope okay! Take care and Yahoo!!!