June 3, 2008

Boys and their TOYS

Both Grant and Drake have gotten some new toys... (actually they've had them for a few months but I haven't taken any pics) Grant got a scooter along with some of his friends and brothers. They go riding around together on the weekends. It's pretty easy to control so I ride it around our neighborhood, but haven't been brave enough to take it on busy roads. And it's been great at 80 miles per gallon!

And then Drakey got a Lightening McQueen push toy. It plays music and talks and he loves walkin it around the house. But sometimes he scares me cuz he will push it from the side instead of the back and fall over with it... I love watching him with it though!


Giron Fam said...

You drove the scooter?! I'm so proud. Way to go little mamma! You are brave. I've always wanted to drive one by myself but I feel like I would totally fall over sideways.
Drake looks so cute with his little push toy. I saw your gate you put up in the background. That was a great idea. I was wondering how baby proofing was going.
Hopefully the game will be on tonight. If not lets get together Thurs or Fri. Lemme know what you have going.

Jen and Johnny said...

Wow you can't beat 80 miles per gallon!!! How fun!!! Johnny loves riding Gabes when we go to the fams house!! Drake is so cute with his cute push toy!!!

Tomm and Whit said...

OMG! So dang cute! He is Grant's boy isn't he? So I miss the pitter-patter of Drake feet around here! It is so quiet now that you guys have gone... and Randy sits outside your door to this day (hoping you'll come out, he was seriously attached to you Natty). It is good to see some pics of you guys havin fun in the sun back in Utah tho. XOXOXO I love you!

The Christensen's said...

Cute boy's and fun toy's...That scooter looks like a blast.