December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

This has been the busiest weekend ever! I'm completely exhausted but had soo much fun. Grant had to work on Thanksgiving so I decided to go to Idaho and have Thanksgiving at my Grandma's with my family. My grandma was so thrilled to see the boys. We had an amazing dinner and it was so fun to spend time together. My only complaint was that my grandma's house has lots of little knick knacks and keepsakes... all within Drake's reach! So it was so tiring following him around and making sure he didn't break anything.

Then on Friday we hung around the house until my dad got off work and then he had us all come down for a train ride and he taught me and Shel to work the controls and we actually got to drive the train, it was really exciting. I was so nervous I would crash into another train that was parked on the track. And then my dad let Drake push the horn and he went crazy pushing that button, it was so funny. After the train ride we went to the Thanksgiving Parade. We were all freezing and wouldn't have watched as much as we did but Drake LOVED it so we stayed almost until the end. After the parade we went to dinner and got warmed up. After all of that it would have been fun to go right to bed but we hit the road and drove back home. We had to be home by Saturday because all of the kids were getting together to do some painting at my mom's house. We wanted to suprise her for a Christmas present and my dad was in on it and keeping her up in Idaho so that we could work. So Saturday we painted into the night. I left at 1am but everyone else stayed up until 4. I would have pulled an all-nighter if not for the babies! It was lots of work but honestly we haven't hung out all together for such a long time and it was so fun. We were all teasing eachother and kept getting hyper from cokes and dr pepper then we would have a crash, then more hyperness. It was so fun to see her face when she got home on Sunday night. We love her so much and she deserved it! I hope everyone had a fun Thanksgiving! (sorry for the looon post)


Giron Family said...

Oh I must have missed this post! What a fun weekend you guys had. I bet Drake loves (or soon will love) having a grandpa that takes him to see trains all the time! So nice of you guys to paint for your mom. I bet she LOVED it.
The pic of Shelby driving the train looks EXACTLY like Whit to me! Crazy.