December 8, 2008

Logan's Blessing

Yesterday was Logan's blessing. Logan's Uncle Jarell gave him his blessing and it was beautiful and meant so much to us. Then everyone came to our house for some lunch. We ate "garbage", an awesome idea given to me by my sister, Shelby. You put some Fritos or Doritos in a ziploc along with taco meat, chili, cheese, sour cream, lettuce and anything else you like then you crunch it all up and eat it out of the bag! It was a good time when the house started clearing out and I looked in to find NO DISHES.

Here's Logan in the morning after his bath. He was relaxing until it was time to get in his outfit
This is Drake helping Grant with some last minute cleaning before the party

All dressed up and sooo handsome

Immediately after church trying to strip out of his church clothes... Hm wonder where he gets that from... Honestly when we got home from church, within minutes Grant was in jeans and Drake and Logan were crying until they were in comfy clothes!

We love Logan so much and are so happy he got sent to our family. Happy blessing day baby!!


Hayley said...

How cute is Logan in his lil white suit? He is looking more and more like Drakester. It's amazing. I didn't really think Logan looked like Drake when I saw him... but in these pics, he does.

Lieuwen said...

hay Nat! glad you had a nice day getting the baby blessed. Kinder hated missing it - and I could not get the details if she was not there so I had to check out your blog!! Adorable baby! see you during the holidays I am sure!
Lieu Lieu

The Christensen's said...

I love that he was hangin' in his robe...chilling before the big event. He looked so handsome. and the lunch sounds fab. expecially the no dishes part!

Tate-Family-Fun said...

Your boys are so cute! I love that picture of Logan chilling in his bath robe and the one of Grant vaccuming. You have it good! You asked where I take my girls to get their picutes. Well, I take them to Target and get a coupon online so it's super cheap.

Giron Family said...

OMG this is making me even sadder (is that a word?) that I missed it. Logan looks so so so handsome in his little outfit. Awwwwww.
I almost died when I saw him lounging around in his robe! So freakin cute!
What a good idea for dinner. So nice not to have any dishes to worry about.
Sad I missed it all. Can't wait to see you this weekend...for cleaning.:)

Kiley, Dianne & Parker said...

I love the robe, I always try to find any excuse I can to put Parker in his bathrobe. I;m glad the blessing went so well and your boys are so adorable!

Tomm and Whit said...

Logan is so deliciously cute! (I wont that bebe!) Where did you get that outfit for him? It is so precious!
I am laughing about all the boys wanting out of those church clothes. So funny!
I love you!

William and Lacey said...

Such cute kids! Blessing day is such a fun and special day!

Alex said...

Natalie I have been a slacker! I have been meaning to post a comment on here forever. That day was perfect! Logan was so cute and well behaved and you looked so amazing! We need to hang out soon, we miss you guys.