January 23, 2009

An Update on Us

Everyone has been so concerned for Drakey so I just wanted to say that he is great. He hasn't let his first major injury slow him down at all. After the first few days the swelling went down a lot and then the actual bruising got darker. He is still busy and always on the move. And as my mom says, this is probably the first of many toddler-age battle wounds.

Grant and Drake are snuggle buddies:)

These next pics are from the last month that I've been wanting to post. Am I the only one that dislikes loading pics from the camera?? I'm so impatient...
Ha, this is the two Wolverines

These are the markers that Drake got for Christmas. It was so funny because Grant just kept saying over and over, "He is too young for markers" And I kept telling Grant "He needs to express his creativity" (as Drake keeps putting the markers in his mouth and sucking on them) As you can see it is much much more fun to color on skin than on paper... Good thing they wash off so easy

I have to credit this awesome idea to my friend, Dianne. Saw it on her blog and thought "Why
didn't I think of that??" Now I can get ready in peace

Bathtime! Nothing cuter than a baby bathin' in the kitchen sink

Cutie Pie


Jen and Johnny said...

That battle wound does look like it hurts!! What a little trooper!! Love the wolverine picture!! And that picture with the markers all over him is so dang cute!! I'll bet he had a blast drawing all over himself!!! And the genius idea of the baby in the sink for a hands free getting ready process!! FABULOUS!!!!Those pictures of Logan are precious!!!! To answer your question~ yes I am still off dairy, whey, eggs, peanuts, & soy. It is getting easier, but I don't think it's going to last much longer.... I am already drying up!!! BUMMER!!! We need to get together soon!! Lets do another play date at a play place!!!

Elissa said...

Oh my goodness. I can't believe that black eye. He sure does look cute, though. As for cute little Logan, he is getting so big. What cute kids you have.

Alex said...

Poor little Drake! Zeke and I made cupcakes for him but we still need to frost them and bring them over. It makes me so sad when Zeke gets battle wounds and he has only really gotten one really bad one on his ear from falling on his hearing aid. It wasn't even that bad! I absolutley love the sink idea! it is complete genius. Logan looks so adorable and he is getting so big. We need to hang out this weekend!

Tomm and Whit said...

Logan is sooo cute! The bed in the sink is so brilliant! That picture of Drake is so sad! I can't wait to see you and them! I"M SO EXITED

Giron Family said...

Love lil Logan in both the sinks! What a great idea..putting him in the b-room sink while you get ready!His little face needs to be smooched by me!
The wolverine hair is great! I'm a huge wolverine fan!
Drakes eye makes me sad. Poor bubba. Glad it's getting better though.

The Christensen's said...

It seems like every kid around that age goes through some kind of serious trama of the such! I am glad he is doing okay...don't you hate when you go to the store and people look at you like you beat your child? Your kids are so so so adorable!!!

Jesse and Kimmie said...

Hey! Our year is going pretty good so far. I work full time as a nanny now in Centerville. The drive sucks but i nanny for one baby that is 2 months old and sleeps all day so it was a no brainer. we will definitely have to get together soon. between my schedule and jesse's it might be a little tough but we will make it work :)