April 19, 2009


Logan, Happy on Easter morning ;)


Playin cars

Bink babies

The Easter Bunny came!
There's only been a few days warm enough to play in this! Is Spring finally going to stay?

We hope everyone had a Happy Easter, we sure did!


Alex said...

Logan and Drake look so cute in their Easter outfits. They are such handsome boys! The sandbox looks like lots of fun.

Elissa said...

Your boys are so handsome! They look adorable in their Easter outfits.

Giron Family said...

Their matching shirts DO look adorable! So so cute.
What a sweet sandbox. I guarantee it's going to give him hrs of enjoyment (it does at my house anyways)!
Hope you are living it up in FL!

Tomm and Whit said...

They look so cute!!! Ilove the binkies! Precious! Drake is going to love that sandbox.