May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Hot Stuff!

Happy Birthday to Grant! Finally we are the same age. I hate that I have to be older than you for 6 months each year. Now we are both oldies! haha

Some reasons why I LOVE you --

*Because we are best FRIENDS

*You work so hard to provide for our family (I've known you since high school and I've seen you grow from a boy to man. I think you are amazing)

*You are the best daddy. Drake and Logan adore you and I'm so happy that you are so involved in their lives. You can never resist Drake when he wants you to play with him and that is why you are sooo sweet

*Because you are HOT (especially your smile)

*You act so tough and masculine all the time and don't like to be all lovey dovey but I know that you are teddy bear underneath it all

****There are many more reasons but I hope you know that I love you more than you can possibly imagine**** Happy Birthday BUG :)


The Christensen's said...

Happy B-day Grant...who knew our birthday's were 2 days apart...Nats great ode to Grant...loved it!!

Tomm and Whit said...

Happy Birthday Grant! I hope you guys had fun! I think you are such a sweet wife, I know you love him like crazy. He is a loveable guy!

Giron Family said...

So cute Nat! Yeah, Grant tries to make us all think he's a tough boy but we all know he is a big teddy bear!
You are such a sweet wifey!

William and Lacey said...

Happy Birthday! You 2 are so cute and in love! : )