June 24, 2009

Some Stuff We've Been Up To...

I haven't blogged for a while so I need to play catch up now. I've been putting it off because I hate getting pictures/videos off my camera/recorder, it's such a CHORE... We haven't done much yet for the summer but we've still been having fun. Here's what's up with us

Granty G- Our biggest news is that we sold our house and we are getting ready to move. We are scheduled to close on July 15th. The bad news is that we will be homeless for a while. Most of the houses we have looked at won't accept any offers that are contingent on us selling our house, so we have to wait until our house is officially sold before we can offer on any houses. SO we will be moving in with Grant's parents until we find a place. Grant also sold his bullet bike to get some extra cash for a down payment. I was so emotional that day. I get really sentimental about stuff. I think it's mostly because he has wanted a bike ever since I met him in high school and he finally got one and I hate to see him give up something he loves. Especially since he was so careful and never worried me on it.

Me- I was very busy cleaning my house spotless almost everyday up until our house sold. I had to keep it clean for showings, and it was a challenge with the babies. And even after we got the offer I had to clean big a couple of days because the buyers wanted to come back through and then again with their family. It was my life... cleaning. And it was exhausting. Now I get to look forward to packing, UGH. My really good news is that I'm officially done nursing. Logan is taking the bottle sooo good now and it is awesome!! The trick for him was sweetening the formula with apple juice and giving it to him with a straw at first. Weird but it totally worked!

Drakey- He is almost two and definitely going through some terrible twoage... He is starting to say more words now. No sentences yet but he will soon enough, I'm sure. He is starting to realize that Logan can be his playmate. Logan was reaching for a toy at the same time as Drake and when they grabbed it at the same time they started laughing, it's so fun to see them together. Drake is a really good big brother. If Logan's crying he is a good problem solver, he will bring him a paci, a blanket, then toys

Logan- He is crawling!! He has been for a week or so. It is good because he can entertain himself for longer but bad because he is a tornado now like Drake. But he and Drake are definitely playing together more now that he is mobile. He is getting tooth after tooth and has been fussy. But I love his little grin! I'm starting to feel that having kids so close in age will pay off soon. I think they will be pretty good friends.

Mkay it feels like I just wrote a Christmas card recap or something! Hopefully I won't get so behind again :) I will post a video of Logan crawling around soon ;)

Now that Logan's getting around they like to do trouble together...

What a FEAST

Tonight after baths, in new jammies. Mmm there is nothing better!

Same with Drakey... all clean and new jams


The boys' favorite game to play with Grant. Put EVERY stuffed animal they have in the crib and play in there. Weirdos :)

MMMMMmmmm so good

Lil Logibear

Any excuse to use the cute frog towel. (On the new bedding I got for Drake... I think it's so cute)


Alex said...

They are both getting so big! I love the mess they made! I bet they had so much fun doing it. I am so happy that you guys were able to sale your house and can't wait for you to be in Herriman. We need to do something soon! I can't wait to see Logan crawl!

Jodi said...

They are darling Natalie! Congrats on selling your house. . . we are just about to put ours up. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Ugh!

The Christensen's said...

Where are you moving too...sounds exciting!!! I can't believe Logan is done nursing and is crawling...time goes by so fast...what a couple of cuties. Good luck with the move!!!

Elissa said...

Congratulations on selling your house. That is wonderful! Your boys are getting so big. They are so handsome.

Giron Family said...

Cute new bedding Nat! Where'd you find it?
The boys are sooo cute and getting so big! Both their b-days are coming up! Can't believe it!
Love your new background...I need to get more patriotic on mine! Gonna go do that now.

Tomm and Whit said...

Oh my gosh! I want your life!!!! They are so precious! I'll bet neither you or the Cheerios saw them coming... HAHA. I love the bedding you picked out. You and Grant are seriously the best, most loving parents ever!

I miss you all SO much!