January 6, 2010


Ok, we have such a big decision to make and don't know what to do!! After 6 months of house-hunting, we are down to two houses. It sounds like they will both be approved within the next week. We love them both and can't make up our mind. One is in Herriman and is in a great neighborhood. I really do love the house but it needs some work on the inside and out. But the yard is nice and the house has lots of potential. The other house is in West Jordan and is gorgeous. It's only a few years old and is practically move-in ready. But the yard is small and we aren't sure about the schools in that area... Oy, this is so hard and so stressful. We need to make a pro/con sheet for each house I guess... I wish the answer were more obvious!!


Alex said...

That is such a huge decision! A pro and con sheet would be good to make. With the Herriman since it does need some work you can always do things how you want to and how you want it to look, but the West Jordan one is nice that it is move in ready. I am sorry it is so stressful, but exciting that you have finally heard back from the banks!

Giron Family said...

I OF COURSE say the Herriman one since we will be close enough to walk to each other's houses! But I think you will be happy with either choice you make. Good luck Nat!

The Christensen Clan said...

Oh man...two good things is the worst!!! Good luck! I think schools are def important...One of the big reasons I agreed to move to Cleveland over staying in Price. But You have to love your house too! Oh good luck again!!!