April 22, 2008

Rookie Mistake... I Should Have Known

So this morning Drake was taking a nap and I get amitious and started cleaning. I put Drake's jumper in the basement cuz he is over it. Then I had room to put our book shelf back in the living room. I dusted it and organized all my books and movies. THEN I even went on to alphabetize my movies (sometimes I have a little OCD... I get it from my dad for sure) I cleaned the whole upstairs and I was so proud. Then Drake wakes up and what's the first thing he does?
He pulled every single book down and tore all the movies onto the floor. I can't believe I didn't think it through before I spent all that time!!
Oh and yesterday I felt the first kicks from the baby. It was pretty exciting. I can't wait to feel more. It was so sweet!


The Christensen's said...

Why do we do anything??? Just teasing. Hey I am just trying to catch up on everyone's blogs, and can I just say drake is adorable. Such a fun age...my fav actually. Enjoy him like he is right now because they are so sweet and easy...yes I said easy! Take care!

Giron Fam said...

Awe, lil kicks from the babe already??? How exciting.
Drake the little bean head! It seems like they always have to mess up the thing you JUST put away! Why is that?
Love his little noggin in that pic. He's all busy geting into things. Smooches little peanut!
(I say "little" way too much!)

Tomm and Whit said...

He is SO cute! I can't wait to snuggle him! So kicks from the little babe?.. Precious! I am so exited!

Jen and Johnny said...

He is so dang CUTE!!!! I am so excited you and Kinder both have blogs!!! You already felt the baby?? When are you due?? I was so excited when I first found out you were expecting again!!! Your blog is darling!!!