April 6, 2008

A lame excuse for a post :(

I have a crying baby at my feet and Grant keeps tellin' me to get ready so we can go do something and get out of the house... So I don't have time to make a whole post w/ pics and everything. But I feel so lazy for not posting in about 3 weeks. So I just thought I would say that all is well with us. Drake is "crawling" in his own way. He has this little army crawl going on. He is all about trying new foods and he is a little chubster. He is in the funnest stage right now though. He has been a bit of a mama's boy lately. He follows me around and tugs on my pant legs. It's really sweet. My belly is getting bigger every minute, I swear. The second time around I'm showing so quick! (If I get brave maybe I will post a pic of the bump) Oh and another reason that I haven't made a post is because I'm reading the Twilight books and I'm completely addicted. I just finished New Moon and can't wait to read the third book!! Edward is so dreamy!! And I swear I will do a better post soon!


Giron Fam said...

That was a great post! It gave me all the details of whats going on in your life right now. And if you are like me when I was reading the first books in the Twilight series I was doing nothing but that!
Good that you guys got outta the house today and got to shop the outlets! Hope you found some treasures!

Tomm and Whit said...

Hey you dollface! Busy little mama... you need some tlc! I hope you guys had fun getting out for awhile. I am so exited for you to come see me!!! We are planning a suprise that I think you guys will really like. I am way exited! I can't wait to see your lil' bump! I can relate to your Twilight obsession... I am 3/4 through the first one. It's really hard to put it down right now... I'll be reading and all the sudden my heart rate goes up because I'm so into it, I can't read fast enough to see what's going to happen next. So good! Love you honey pie!

The Butterfield's said...

Natalie- I am so excited for you to finish the books. I know how it is to not be able to put them down because they are so good! When you are done we will definately have to talk about them. :)