May 22, 2008

Sunny Florida

Ok, I'm in complete heaven! I'm not sure if I want to come home... We are in West Palm Beach visiting my sister and her hubby. It feels so good to get away from home for a while. The flight out here was my very first time on an airplane and it was sooo fun. I love take off! I was so stressed about Drake flying, I thought he would try and get down the whole time and cry but he slept for most the trip...soo lucky!
So far we have gone to the beach. Drake didn't like the water but he loved the sand and the seashells. He kept biting them. And today Whitney suprised Grant and I with massages and facials at the Four Seasons Hotel in Palm Beach. It was amazing! I had a maternity massage and I highly recommend it to every expecting mama. Whitney, you are an amazing sister, I am so happy to be here with you!
Here are some pics of our trip so far...

Drake UNpacking our suitcases while I was trying to pack..


Lathering up Drakey with sunscreen

Drake eats seashells by the seashore!



Giron Fam said...

I'm laughing about that last pic of Grant. What a nerd. However, he looked very studly in the pic of you guys lathering up Drake!
I must say I'm extremely green with jealousy right now! It's cold and rainy here. I wanna be at the beach! Looks like you're having a ball and I'm so happy for you guys!
Glad the flight went well. Give the boy a kiss from me! And also catch some rays for me too!

Jen and Johnny said...

That looks like so much fun!!!! You and your family are so dang cute!!!! And that picture of you and your sister is adorable!!!! Is Drake loving the the sand and the beach?