May 29, 2008

Florida Trip

We just got back in town last night. We were planning that trip for so long I can't believe it is over... I hope we can go back again soon! I can't believe how much fun I had. The plane ride was so fun, I can finally say that I've been on an airplane now. Drake was pretty well-behaved. He would fall asleep every time we would take off, and that was awesome. But because of my growing belly I'm running out of lap space so when we would try to move him or if I tried to pass him to Grant he would wake up... But all together it wasn't a bad experience at all.
I thought I would be dying from the Florida heat, but I actually loved it. It felt so good to be in the hot sun after a looong winter. We spent a lot of our time at the beach. We were tempted to go to Universal Studios or SeaWorld or something...but decided Drake isn't old enough to enjoy theme parks yet. We also went shopping. The mall we went to puts Fashion Place to shame. There were so many stores! Drake got his face painted at the mall, too. Cute little kitty! And we went out to dinner a couple times. And Whit took us to a place called Five Guys for lunch, it was sooo good. I had a pretty awesome cheeseburger. It was an amazing vacation. I wish it could have been a little longer. But I know it would always be hard to say goodbye to Whitney, no matter how long we stayed. I never thought we would live so far away from eachother!
Here is a slideshow from our trip... too many pics to post :)


Giron Fam said...

I've been waiting to see all the FL pics. So glad you posted them. It looked like such a good time. You guys ready to move there?!
I have to say your skin looks absolutely fabulous in these pics! You just look so pretty. And whats with Grant's muscles. He been working out???! Ha ha. Looks like it.
And the Drakester is too cute. I bet Whit just ate him up.:)
What you doing tomorrow (Friday)? We should get together.

The Butterfield's said...

Natalie- you are so gorgeous! I love the pics and am so jealous of that sunny weather and the beach! It makes me want to go to the beach or somewhere where it is warm and sunny!

Jen and Johnny said...

Love all the pix!! Your little Darke is going to be quite the chick magnet!!!! What a doll!!!
You and your sister are both just georgous!!!!!

The Christensen's said...

Natalie...How fun!!! You look adorable as always...Drake is so stinkin' cute. I can't believe how much you and your sis look alike in those pics. I have seen you guys together before, but you look more alike than I remember. So glad you had fun. glad you are back safe!

Tomm and Whit said...

I MISS YOU! COME BACK.... WAAAAHHHH! What do I have to do you get you all to move here! The housing market is great for buyers right now... Grant has a job option... we can convince Trev, Steph and Shel to move down too then Mom and Dad will have no choice but to move down. Hopefully I have planted a seed in your mind. Ha ha! And another thing.... Are you pregnant? Did you already have the baby... because you look riduculously gorgeous in all the pics. So does Grant. You are such a beautiful couple. I so enjoyed you guys! I love you guys soooo much! Xoxoxoxo