May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday was my first official Mother's Day. It was a really fun and busy day. First we had my family over for a lunch-time bbq. I was so caught up in everything that I didn't take any pictures with my camera. But my mom took a bunch so I will have to get them from her and post them later... Then we went up to Grant's parent's house for dinner. It was really fun. Drake took his first ride on the zip line that Grandpa G made. He LOVED it! And again we took pics with not our camera so I will have to get the pics and post them later... darn it!

But I hope everyone I know had a Happy Mother's Day. I love Grant's mom and she definitely deserved a good day, puttin' up with all the guys in her life! I love my mom so much and am so grateful for her. Especially now with Drake...I'm always calling with questions. And it feels so good to be understood by her. Her first two babies were close together also and so she has been so supportive and concerned for me with this pregnancy.

This is a picture of my mama when she was preggers (not sure if she is expecting Whitney or me) And this was my belly with Drake. I need to have Grant take some belly pics of the new babe.


Tomm and Whit said...

I love that picture of you. So beautiful! I hope I can look like that. Happy Mother's Day Nat! I want you to know how much I love you and you are just so special to me. I have watched you grow into such a beautiful woman. I hate how I miss so much of what's going on in your life, it is SO hard to be so far away. I just want you to know that I feel so blessed to have you in my life and even though we are far away from eachother we have that bond that's unbreakable. I love you! XOXOXO

Giron Fam said...

Look at that belly! I love it. It looks so perfect. And you look so pretty.
What a sweet tribute Nat. Glad you had a good time yesterday. Happy 1st Mother's Day (late)!
I wanna see pics of the boy on the zip line. How cute. Can't believe he's old enough! Hope you are feeling well. Missing you guys. C ya in a couple days.

Giron Fam said...

Hey pretty lady, I'm tagging you. Check out my blog to see what you have to do! Smooches!